Message from Director

Message from Director
Welcome to PT. Aneka Rimba Indonusa (ARI)

We are delighted to introduce our company profile to bring closer to our customers, partners and investors by sharing idea of who we are and what we do.  Since 2012, PT. Aneka Rimba Indonusa has turned into a premier woodworking company, with strengths in delivering high-quality products at competitive price. The word ‘premier’ marks our vision to be the forefront, and we are committed to be the market trendsetter in providing both indoor and outdoor wooden solution.

We are all aware timber these days is becoming more scarce and expensive, and it is our job to make the most of out of timber to increase its value.  At ARI, we are actively seeking innovation and investing in new technologies and human resources development to gain the most value of our timber. In addition to solid timber, composite timber has also been our specialty to turn our small pieces of timber and off-cuts into very useful products.  We believe in green business, and we care for our timber and environment by sourcing our material from sustainable forest management, and moving towards utilization of plantation timber.

We hope to share our passion for timber by creating high quality products for our customers.  Whether you are importers or wholesalers or project managers or interior designers, we believe the best business relationship is partnership. We value our partners, and we work closely with them to achieve our goals and to put strategies in place for success, today and tomorrow.


Sandi Wilianto
Managing Director