Aneka Rimba Indonusa

  August 2017 - Glued Laminated Timber Association of Australia

Starting from August 2017, ARI has become the member of GLTAA to ensure our finger jointed product meet the structural properties standard requirement of the Building Code of Australia.

Product Name : GL 13 Posts & GL 17 Glulam

  April 2015 - Participation in The Borneo Initiative Program

Going along with our commitment to ensure the sustainability of our forests, we have applied our forest concession into TBI Program aiming at FSC Certified Wood. We will be working closely with TFF as our Lead Consultant to provide us with technical advice, certification workshops, and adjustments to management systems needed to comply with FSC criteria.

  March 2013 - Chain Of Custody Certification

In order to provide assurances that our wood-based products are originated from sustainably managed forests, ARI is now participating in the COC Certification Program. COC certification outlines the requirements for tracking certified material from the forest to the final products to ensure that the wood contained the production line originates from the certified forests.

  February 2013 - Achieve Global Training

As part of corporate commitment to continually develop the quality of the human resources, a management training by Achieve Global was carried out to transform our managers and directors into nimble, decisive, and effective leaders. The Leadership Training and Development Programs equips our workforce with the soft skills to reach new levels of productivity and serve our customers better.

  January 2013 - V-Legal-SVLK-FLEGT VPA

Since 2011, ARI has received the SVLK certification, which was issued by Government of Indonesia. SVLK stands for Sistem Verifikasi Legalitas Kayu, which translates as Timber Legality Assurance System or INDO-TLAS. In 2013, SVLK is linked to the trade with European Union through a separate export licensing system called V-Legal (which will become FLEGT Timber License when the VPA agreement goes live)

  September 2012 - Welcome Corporate Take Over

In 2012, a welcome-corporate takeover was carried out by the new shareholders to bring the company a stronger foothold in term of raw material, production know-how, financial management, and absorption of the latest technology.

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